Android app localisation

Android apps and internationalisation

We can localise your app to multiple variants using the recommended Android internationalisation standards, meaning that the app language is set in a cascading order of priorities according to the phone language settings. This allows us to ensure that a user with device set to Latin American Spanish sees a different translation from a user with device set to European Spanish if such granularity is desired.

Best practices for Android app localisation involve keeping all text values in a resources folder separate from the Java code inside UTF-8 encoded XML files. Android activities can be set to display strings from the appropriate language and even display elements in a left-to-right or right-to-left layout (e.g. Arabic/Hebrew) depending on the device, without any of this behaviour affecting the Java business logic.

If you have written your app without localisation in mind it is possible that you have many hard coded strings. Don’t worry, we can help to clean up the Java so that all internationalisation logic is separated from the core functionality of your app.

We can work with Git or other version control systems to ensure seamless integration into your development process.

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