First of all it is best not to choose only on price. Many agencies will not provide proofreading of the translated document, for example, which makes the price lower by compromising on quality. All of our translations are proofread.

Normally we will price a document on how many words (or characters) there are in the original document. This is a simple yardstick which makes pricing very transparent. Price per word varies by language pair and is affected by market forces. In addition we often apply a minimum charge for short documents which compensates for the portion of work which remains constant no matter how small or large the document. We may also reduce the rate for longer documents due to economies of scale. For example translation memory software can make light work of repetitive passages which often occur in legal documents or technical manuals.

Finally, rates are subject to market forces. Since all translators must be native speakers from birth of their target language, naturally most translators are located in the country of that language. For this reason Norwegian, Danish and Swedish are expensive languages to translate into because those countries have high costs of living. In addition there are language pairs such as English/Spanish where many translators are available in both directions, and language pairs such as Korean to English where the supply of translators is sparser, and this also has an affect on price.

Given all these factors, if you would like to receive a quote for your document, the best approach is to upload it using this form and we will get back to you with a quick and concise answer.

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