Certificate translations (birth, marriage, degree certificates, etc)

We can translate a variety of certificates for use with UK authorities. When translating a certificate it is important to maintain the layout of the document so that it can be presented to authorities side by side with the document in the original language.

Certificates often contain non-text elements such as seals, stamps and signatures. We would not normally reproduce a seal or signature graphically. Provided the text on the element is legible, we will translate it and usually place a description in square brackets, or otherwise mark that the seal or stamp was illegible. These elements are important to identify the official organ that issued the certificate.

The translation will also come with an attestation at the top that it is a true and accurate representation of the original document. This is required by UK authorities such as HMRC, the Registry Office, the DVLA, etc. Other countries’ authorities may require a different kind of authentication in which case please contact us and we may be able to advise.

You can upload an image of your certificate here for a quick quote:

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